Michael Steinmann

Qualification Points

SUL Premier SUL Regional SUL Regular Total
QPs 0 24 149 173
Events 0 1 16 17

Best Swiss Round Finishes

SUL Regional SUL Regular
1st 0 4
3rd 0 3

Latest events

Event Date SUL Points Rank Type
Prerelease The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Everybody Wins Fri, 10.11.2023 13 1st SUL Regular
Sealed WoE Sat, 28.10.2023 6 5th SUL Regular
Promo Sealed Wilds of Eldraine/ SUL REGIONAL Sat, 07.10.2023 24 9th SUL Regional
Sealed Wils of Eldraine Sat, 16.09.2023 9 3rd SUL Regular
Modern 3-4 Runden Sat, 16.09.2023 9 4th SUL Regular
Prerelease Wilds of Eldraine Everybody Wins Fri, 01.09.2023 12 3rd SUL Regular
Draft ohne Backdraft Herr der RInge EN Sat, 22.07.2023 10 1st SUL Regular
Sealed Sat, 08.07.2023 12 3rd SUL Regular
Prerelease Lord of the Rings Everybody Wins Turnier Fri, 16.06.2023 12 5th SUL Regular
Sealed March of the Machine Sat, 20.05.2023 10 1st SUL Regular
Promo "Counterspell" Modern 3-4 Runden Sat, 04.03.2023 4 16th SUL Regular
Phyrexia: All WILL BE ONE DRAFT ohne Backdraft Sat, 04.03.2023 9 4th SUL Regular
Sealed Phyrexia: ALL WILL BE ONE EN/DE Sat, 18.02.2023 6 5th SUL Regular
Prerelease "Big Prize" Phyrexia: All will be One Sat, 04.02.2023 3 43rd SUL Regular
Prerelease Phyrexia: All will be One "Everybody Wins Sealed" Fri, 03.02.2023 13 4th SUL Regular
Modern Liga Thalwil Wed, 25.01.2023 12 1st SUL Regular
Draft ohne Backdraft Dominaria Remastered EN Sat, 21.01.2023 9 4th SUL Regular