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Switzerland's Premier Magic Tournament Series

The Swiss Unity League (SUL) is a collaborative tournament series between various Magic: the Gathering event organizers in Switzerland. Only the best players will qualify for the end-of-year 2-day invitational tournament with 2.5k prizes.

Any organizer can register their tournament for the league to make it award SUL Points. Players need to collect these points in order to qualify for the invitational tournament.

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A Magic: The Gathering event with an ongoing tournament.

Upcoming Magic events

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How to participate?

If you're an organizer, register your Magic: the Gathering events with the league to reward your players with SUL Points.
For more details and registration, see our Organizer Guide.

If you're a player, please tell your local tournament organizers about the opportunity to join the league.
To stay updated, join our community on WhatsApp.

Top players

  1. Demian Coca (2431 points)
  2. Antoine Renaud-Goud (1866 points)
  3. Daniel Hliva (1768 points)
  4. Joachim Mettaz (1753 points)
  5. Fabio Baruffa (1639 points)
  6. Filipe Sousa (1614 points)
  7. Noé Dumez (1578 points)
  8. Samuel Mottaz (1538 points)
  9. Xavier Boraley (1526 points)
  10. Pascal Grossmann (1476 points)

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