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The Swiss Unity League (SUL) is a collaborative league in 2023 between various Magic tournament organizers in Switzerland with an end of year 2-day invitational tournament with 3.5k+ Prizes.

Any organizer can register their tournament for the league to make it award Qualification Points (QPs). Players need to collect these QPs in order to qualify for the invitational tournament.

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A Magic: The Gathering tournament

Upcoming major events

June 2, 2023
Friday Modern SUL Regional by Leonin League
June 4, 2023
SUL Premier Modern 1k by Leonin League
June 4, 2023
SUL Regional Pioneer by Leonin League
June 7, 2023
Monthly Regional Modern by KSV Zürich
June 7, 2023
Monthly Regional Legacy by KSV Zürich

Info for organizers

Want to be a part of the adventure and start awarding points to your players?

Top players

  1. Noé Dumez (1799 points)
  2. Jari Rentsch (1330 points)
  3. Joachim Mettaz (894 points)
  4. Filip Muric (784 points)
  5. Andreas Sigrist (782 points)

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