Alessandro Amort

Qualification Points

SUL Premier SUL Regional SUL Regular Total
QPs 264 183 22 469
Events 5 4 3 12

Best Swiss Round Finishes

SUL Regional SUL Regular
2nd 1 0

Latest events

Event Date SUL Points Rank Type
Azcanta Tournaments Limited RCQ Tue, 28.11.2023 10 15th SUL Regular
Prerelease The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Fri, 10.11.2023 48 2nd SUL Regional
Chaos Draft Sat, 04.11.2023 6 12th SUL Regular
WOE Draft Fri, 03.11.2023 6 5th SUL Regular
Swiss Magic Masters Limited Sun, 01.10.2023 24 71st SUL Premier
Swiss Magic Masters Modern Sat, 30.09.2023 108 36th SUL Premier
WotR MODERN Tournament Sat, 23.09.2023 42 35th SUL Premier
Azcanta Tournaments Modern Lord of the Rings Sat, 01.07.2023 28 32nd SUL Regional
European Legacy Masters Qualifier and SUL Regional Sun, 28.05.2023 40 32nd SUL Regional
Legacy SUL Premier Qualifier for European Legacy Masters Sun, 07.05.2023 54 49th SUL Premier
GoodGames Bern Modern Store Qualifier for LEC Athens and SUL Regional Sat, 25.03.2023 67 12th SUL Regional
SUL Premier Limited ONE Sun, 26.02.2023 36 12th SUL Premier